Corey Barbour

Business & Commercial Capital Consultant

With over two decades of banking experience, I have honed my skills and expertise in serving small businesses and commercial clients. I understand the unique challenges they face and the importance of access to capital in driving their growth. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the transformative power that financial education and empowerment can have on businesses.

Corey L. Barbour

Business & Commercial Capital Consultant

Welcome to where financial support meets strategic preparation. We offer more than just capital ranging from $100,000 to $15 million. Our focus is on preparing your business for success—from ensuring you're ready for capital to navigating you through the approval process.

With two decades in the banking sector, I specialize in making small businesses and commercial entities not just funding-ready but also appealing to lenders. It's about more than securing funds; it's about setting your business up for sustainable growth.

Join us as we transform your potential into prosperity, ensuring your business is primed for success with every step we take together.

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Who are the services for?

Our Services are for:

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who find themselves at a crossroads, unsure of the next steps to take. Those who are daunted by the complexities of the financial landscape and require direction on where to initiate their journey. Individuals who have faced repeated setbacks and rejections in their pursuit of financial support. Book a Conversation with Corey to get the answers you need today.

How do you help entrepreneurs who have faced repeated setbacks and rejections in securing financial support?

We understand that setbacks and rejections can be disheartening. Our mission is to guide entrepreneurs towards financial success, and that includes those who have faced challenges in the past. We'll work closely with you to identify the root causes of previous setbacks, develop strategies to address them, and help you navigate the financial landscape with renewed confidence. Book a Conversation with Corey to get the answers you need today.

What types of alternative financing solutions do you offer for small businesses and entrepreneurs?

Our commitment is to provide comprehensive support and empower you to access essential capital. In addition to traditional funding avenues, we offer a range of alternative financing solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. We'd be happy to discuss these options with you to determine the best fit for your business's needs. Book a Conversation with Corey to get the answers you need today.

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